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Outdoor activities are fun and healthy at the same time. It’s been well known now that outdoor activities can lead to a balanced healthy life. Most towns these days provide recreational parks to facilitate the lifestyle enjoyed by many folks living in towns.

One of the safety measures you need to consider when venturing any outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, trail run, backpacking and so on is to make sure you put on the right footwear and clothing. They should not only comfortable and suitable for such activities, they are also geared to keep you safe at all time.

Outdoor shoes brands is established to share outdoor footwear that are suitable for various outdoor recreational activities.

Trailing Shoes

Trailing running shoes is one of the most popular outdoor shoes these days among trail hikers.

Trail shoes are normally designed for hiking activities in dry climate or on the less rugged or rocky trailing paths. Most of these types of shoes are recommended for day hikes.

Trail hikers on the hand are more for steeper and muddy paths. Most of these type of shoes are more sturdy, higher cut and waterproof. A lightweight boot is more recommended for trail hikers as these boots come with features for stability and protection for ankle against protruding limbs and rocks.

Hiking Boots

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People was asking if there is a difference between hiking and walking. The only obvious difference between the two terms is, hiking is a term commonly used in Canada and USA for a long and vigorous walk and take place on trails while walking is normally refers to a short walk in a normal footpaths.

If you wish to know how to choose the right hiking shoes for you, please check out our latest article on how to choose the best hiking shoes.

Other terms are also used to describe the same activity such as rambling, hill-walking, fell walking. Bush walking is commonly used in Australia, associated with Sydney Bush Walkers club back in 1927. In New Zealand, tramping is a common term used referring to a long hike.

Hiking Boots or some people call it Mountain Walking boots are initially designed for mountaineering and mountain or hill walking. Now people are using these types of boots for backpacking too.

Hiking boots are normally have stiff soles with the purpose to support the ankle and protection to the feet on rocky trails.

Before you venture into hiking activities, for example you are a beginner, you may want to check what are the essentials you need for hiking activities.

Trekking & Hiking Shoes

Trekking and Hiking are fun outdoor activities especially for those who love nature. That being said, you need to have the right footwear to make sure you don’t injure yourself during the activity.

If you are going for short treks activity, a basic hiking shoe would suffice – we are talking about one day journey. This type of shoes are normally lightweight, low cut ankle and flexible soles. It is suitable for dry condition.

Trekking boots are more advanced type of hiking shoes. Normally these type of boots are stiffer and added with extra support for the feet and ankle. Hiking boots are suitable for long treks on a more rough and uneven terrains.

Trek boots are normally manufactured with leather, suede or synthetic on the upper part to ensure it is durable and comfortable at the same time for adventurous outdoor activities.

What type of footwear you need would depends on the type of trails you going to go through. You need different type of shoes or boots for different type of trail.

best hiking shoes

7 Best Hiking Shoes in 2019

Today, we are going to check out the top 7 best hiking shoes in 2019. We have chosen these shoes based on their price, quality, durability and…
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Backpacking Boots

Backpacking is the outdoor activities normally with a backpack on one’s back for a long hike more than one day.

Backpacking is great activity for people who love to travel. Since you will be carrying a heavy loads you need to wear backpacking boots which is specially designed for backpackers.

The only difference between backpacking and hiking boots are that backpacking boots are normally studier and heavier. In most cases, they are designed with all-leather or at least most parts of the boot are leather. This is to give support to one carrying heavy loads during the backpacking journey.

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